Human artists feel threatened by AI – perhaps they shouldn’t just yet

Artificial intelligence (AI) is quite the rage these days – and predicting it means the decline of everything from critical thinking to the art of photography seems to be even more so. This Cybernews reporter decided to give AI art generator DALL-E2 a try, to see what all the fuss was about.


I won’t lie, I was excited. OpenAI’s text-in, art-out tool sounded like a lot of fun. As someone whose artistic career went into meltdown upon being diagnosed as color-blind around the age of 11, I was genuinely keen to see if a machine could generate the kind of picture I could only dream of crafting with these all-too-human hands.

My excitement built as I signed up for a free trial of DALL-E2. For absolutely not a broken penny, I was free to generate thirty images using OpenAI’s tool, released a couple of years ago. The only limitation would be my vocabulary – and unlike images, words are definitely firmly in my wheelhouse.

Now, while DALL-E2 might claim to “create original, realistic images and art from a text description,” OpenAI also seems quite keen to get users to opt for the surreal. An Astronaut Riding A Horse In Photorealistic Style is the chosen flagship image for its website, and it does indeed show just that.


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